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Sanctum uses data from Facebook status updates to generate fictional narratives. The stories are tagged with the age and gender of the people who made the original status updates. Software algorithms detect the age and gender of people walking past the Henry Art Gallery, and uses ultrasonic speakers to beam these stories at passers-by so as to match their demographics.

By joining the Facebook application via the link at the top of this page, you will link your Facebook status updates to Sanctum's database. It will begin by reading your past status updates and will then read your status updates as they happen. This linkage will last for sixty days, after which you will have an option to renew. All posts that you make to Facebook will remain anonymous. They will be tagged with age and gender, but no other personal data will be used.

If you visit Sanctum at the Henry Art Gallery, you can potentially see your status updates used as parts of stories. The stories are made up from status updates by multiple different people.